House cleaning $35 per hour per cleaner Carpet Cleaning $ 50 per 8 x 10 room


We accept cash as preferred form of payment

We charge for professional housecleaning labor per hour. Two cleaners for two hours (four man hours) each is not enough time Humanly to do most homes that have not been regularly maintained. If your home has not been cleaned in many months or you are looking for a deep cleaning it takes more time than the regular four hour cleaning service! Four hours is meant for maintained homes! We recommend at least 8 hours each on homes that have not been cleaned in a while!

Housecleaning Service; Basic 4-man hour cleaning service (2 professional cleaners 2 hours a piece or 1 person for four hours) is $140.00 ($35 per hour per cleaner) . You can always ask us to stay longer!

If you are requesting service of 3 hours or less the hourly rate is $50 per hour. 

Cancelations made after 6pm for the following day will be charged $30 fee, the same applies if we knock on your door and nobody answers. (we usually knock, try to call and send a text while waiting for the customer to answer their door)

Carpet Cleaning Service; We use a highly rated commercial carpet cleaner ( is the video link) charge $50 per 8 x 10 ( depending on how stained) We reserve the right to refuse to clean a damaged or severely dirty carpet. 

We suggest if you have not had, your home cleaned in awhile that you have two people for longer than the normal basic 4-man hour cleaning time. If you want us to focus on specific areas please provide a list of tasks labeled by importance. Once we get your home back in tiptop shape, we can maintain it for less money and time. We offer large discounts on services such as carpet cleaning, floor, tile and stone buffing etc. to our regular bi or tri-monthly customers. All housecleaning services are included in the $35 per hour per professional cleaner. Nothing is separate unless we have to come out to do something special such as clean blinds.

Time is money and we recommend that you remove items off counters so we can clean the surfaces without having to move items and then put them back. We try to put the items back where they came from to the best of our mental ability.

We also recommend keeping your home cleaned by scheduling a four-hour (or longer) service every other week!

We work very hard to clean your home but we can only do so much in a four-hour period. Our Guarantee is that we will work hard, getting everything as clean as possible before moving on to the next room.

We charge $35 per Professional cleaner per hour with a four-hour minimum on all of our housecleaning services:

Cash form of payment preferred.


What we do

When it comes to residential and commercial cleaning, we do it all, including:

• Business cleaners

• Home cleaners

• Janitorial services

• Maid services

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